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Top Tips and Ideas to Design Your Modern Kitchen this Year

If you are still unsure of how to design your kitchen but want to start working as soon as possible. This article will give you six infallible tips to help you renovate this area in your home.

Mix the old with the new

It is a common misconception that a modernized kitchen requires a total remodel. This is not the case. According to Scarborough kitchen renovation contractors, the best way to learn how to design a new kitchen is to maximize the use of your existing objects and materials.

Mainly, you want to keep the homey feel of your space. The design will last longer if you can create a balance of old and new.

Wood-effect kitchen flooring will go well with rustic designs or more modern proposals. You can use kitchen ceramics that are neutral in color, such as white, beige, or gray. They will not only look timeless but also allow you to experiment with different materials and shades.

The kitchen layout is important

You must also consider the layout of the kitchen when deciding how to design it. If you want your home kitchen to be functional, then the layout of the space is important.

You need to understand the workings of the triangle. The triangle distribution is made up of the stove and oven at the top, as well as other household appliances like the microwave.

At one end of the triangle, the sink area should be located where the style of interior design. Also, greige can be used with either cold or warm colors.

You can add more light to an area by playing with the intensity and color of its tone. It applies to furniture, floor, and wall surfaces.

Designing a kitchen with its accessories

Color and layout are important, but accessories like taps, extractors hoods, and dishwashers can help you create a new kitchen.

If you use greige for your walls and flooring, you can easily create the style you desire. If you are looking to create a provencal-style kitchen, then include quartz or ceramic dishwashers. They will last longer and they can be a great original choice.

If you’re going for an industrial-style kitchen, then the faucets, extractor hoods, and dishwashers need to be black, metallic, or copper. Don’t forget a ceramic subway backsplash. You’ll have a beautiful kitchen!

Natural light is essential to the design of a kitchen

No matter whether you have a large American kitchen, or a small, modern kitchen, you must consider natural light when remodeling. Your kitchen will appear cleaner and more organized with more light.

You will also feel better when you cook because your eyes are less tired. It is therefore essential that at least one large window be present.

If this isn’t possible, include several lamps strategically. Yellow light gives the impression of a cozy, small space. White light, on the other hand, will give you a sense of spaciousness.

This article has come to an end, but with these tips, we hope you will be able to create the kitchen of your dreams. Remember that we at The Renovators of Canada have all the renovation services you need to complete your project.

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