Virtual Tours Platform Features for Real Estate Marketing

Virtual tours are now more than just a stylish add-on—they are a must because of the digitalization of real estate listings. The desire for online solutions that offer greater ease and transparency is more significant than ever, thanks to the current generation of tech-savvy homeowners.

This article will walk you through the top virtual tour software features if you’re a realtor or agent looking to promote your properties even more.

Every part of our lives, including the purchase and sale of homes, has been caught by the recent worldwide pandemic and the new normal. They were a major pain for sellers and buyers in the real estate market.

At this point, the housing sector began to use digital platforms to maintain operations and provide the best possible service. However, what primary purposes do agents need to use virtual tours in real estate? Let us explore this topic further!

Why Should Real Estate Listings Use Virtual Tour Software?

Virtual tour software has become a revolutionary real estate tool in the current digital era, where purchasers are looking for fulfilling experiences. Imagine your prospective buyers using just a few clicks to explore every room of their ideal homes.

However, how can virtual tour software enable it? Now, let’s discuss the advantages of this creative strategy:

  1. Convenience and Access for Both Buyers and Sellers

Potential buyers can now view houses from the convenience of their homes, eliminating the need to schedule numerous in-person property inspections. 

Interested parties can see your offerings at their convenience because virtual tour software makes them available around the clock. This ease of use expedites the house-hunting and selling process and saves time for all parties.

  1. Offering an Immersive and Realistic Experience

There is only so much that static photos can accomplish to capture the actual spirit of a place. On the contrary, virtual tour software offers a thorough experience and a 360-degree view. 

Buyers can virtually tour rooms, see the design, and experience the authentic atmosphere of the home. Because of its enhanced realism, which creates an emotional bond, prospective buyers are more likely to see themselves living there.

  1. Increases Interest and Engagement

Since people’s attention spans are getting shorter, keeping your audience interested is critical. The attention-grabbing magnets that keep visitors’ attention longer are virtual tours.

Studies show that listings with virtual tours get much more interest than those without. Interactive tours will captivate your audience, increasing the likelihood that leads will become prospective customers.

  1. Improves Consumer Engagement and Property Listings

Virtual tour software improves consumer engagement and property listings by making them stand out from the crowd and improving market growth and global reach.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Virtual tours differentiate your properties from conventional listings and bring creativity to your marketing approach. Interactive tours have the wow factor that can attract buyers and establish you as a tech-savvy, forward-thinking real estate agent.

Market Growth and Global Reach

Geographical boundaries do not apply to virtual tours. Using this technology in your listings, you may draw in buyers from various cities, states, and nations. 

You may reach a wider audience and broaden your market with this worldwide reach, which increases the possibility that you will discover the ideal buyer for each property.

Best Virtual Tour Software Features for Real Estate

Which virtual software feature best fits your real estate firm and career out of the many virtual tour providers? Let’s examine these leading virtual tours platform features and their particular advantages:

  1. Virtual Tours in 3D

Potential buyers can virtually walk through houses via 3D virtual tours for real estate or VR tours, which give them a realistic sense of space and layout.

  1. High-Resolution Photography

Stunning, full-HD photos perfectly capture every aspect, drawing in prospective purchasers to investigate the home more deeply.

  1. Interactive Floor Plan

This creates interactive floor plans automatically, giving a detailed picture of the dimensions and arrangement of the property.

  1. Virtual Walkthroughs

This service gives potential buyers an unmatched viewing experience with its adaptable, interactive virtual walkthroughs.

  1. Custom Branding

Real estate agents can add their branding features to virtual tours to create a polished and cohesive presentation.

  1. Lead Capture features

Through the tours, agents can directly obtain the contact details of prospective customers through the lead capture capabilities.

  1. Realistic Lighting and Shadows

This feature creates genuine images by simulating natural lighting and shadows using sophisticated rendering algorithms.

  1. Simple Navigation

The software’s easy navigation allows prospective purchasers to explore every nook easily.

  1. Multi-Language Support

Since the program supports multiple languages, it is perfect for connecting with investors and buyers from around the world.

Things to Consider When Selecting the Best Virtual Tour Software

What frustrates real estate agents when it comes to marketing? It’s choosing the appropriate software for virtual tours. Making the finest choice for your business and improving your property listings is your responsibility as a real estate agent. Thus, take into account these crucial components to assist you in selecting the ideal virtual tour software:

  1. Easy-to-Use Interface and User-Friendliness

Imagine you’ve discovered the perfect virtual tour program, but the steep learning curve makes you frustrated and wastes important time. Give priority to user-friendly technologies that let you make beautiful virtual tours to prevent such situations.

Think about the user-friendly features and design of the software, which enable easy navigation and guarantee a positive experience for both you and potential customers.

  1. Features Made for Real Estate

Every virtual tour software package has unique characteristics. Seek out resources with tools created, especially with real estate agents in mind. Adding features to your property listings, such as interactive floor plans, 360-degree virtual tours, and virtual staging, can improve their visibility.

  1. Accessibility and Compatibility

Mobile devices are used for a large percentage of real estate searches. Make sure your virtual tour software is responsive to mobile devices so that potential buyers can easily view your tours on tablets and smartphones. 

In addition, think about VR compatibility if you want to provide an even better customer experience.

  1. Picture and Video Quality

Having images of the finest quality is essential to making an impact on prospective customers. Select virtual tour software that can accommodate high-quality photos and videos, as these will improve the appearance and realism of your listings.

  1. Customization and Branding Options

Your brand identity and professionalism should be reflected in your virtual tours. To keep a consistent brand throughout your marketing initiatives, look for platforms that let you integrate your logo, colour schemes, and branding elements.

  1. Value and Cost

While keeping an eye on your budget is important, value should precede price. Seek out platforms that provide a decent mix of features, support, and usability to ensure the investment is worthwhile in the long term by increasing lead conversion rates and engagement.


Virtual tours like SeekBeak have become essential tools in real estate marketing due to the digitalization of property listings and the demand for convenient and transparent solutions. These tours offer convenience and accessibility for both buyers and sellers, provide an immersive and realistic experience, and increase interest and engagement. 

By leveraging the best virtual tour software features tailored for real estate, agents can stand out, expand their market reach, and enhance their property listings to attract more potential buyers.

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