7 Essential Automotive Repair Software Features Attract Top Techs


Today, our vehicles are improving really fast. We used to fix engines with tools like wrenches, but now we’re using pro-repairing systems that work with engines. Auto repair software Torque360 is super advanced and smart. That means every repair garage owner needs this unique technology to help fix cars.

There are many software in this competitive auto repair market, and some are different. Before choosing the right one for your shop, you must consider what each can do.

What Features Should You Consider in an Automotive Shop Repair Software?

Great mechanics know how important technology is. They were taught about it, use it, and want your repair shop to be modern, too.

The most crucial tech for your shop is special software for car shops. This software helps the shop work better, get more customers, and run smoothly. Having this software is a big draw for good mechanics.

Good mechanics also want your shop to have other software that helps them do their daily work.

Let’s take a look at the attributes of automotive shop management software!

Appointment Scheduling:

Auto repair software by Torque360 makes scheduling service appointments a breeze! The online calendar feature allows customers to easily book appointments. In addition, you can set up reminders to notify them via SMS or email about their upcoming appointments. This scheduler feature helps ensure your customers never miss an appointment again!

Digital Vehicle Inspection:

Digital vehicle inspection software saves a lot of time for your service technicians. Instead of spending hours checking cars manually, you should use this software to do inspections quickly. This helps your customers, too. They won’t have to wonder if a repair is necessary because the software creates detailed reports they can see!

With this software, technicians make detailed inspections using photos, videos, and comments to explain necessary repairs. 

As you know well: Clients don’t have to wait for an explanation of the inspection over the phone. They can see it themselves in their customer portal. It’s faster for the technicians and the service advisors, making things clearer for customers. 

Text Messaging:

See how things connect here? Service advisors nowadays only want to spend a little time on the phone. And you know what? They don’t have to!

Customers these days like texting better, right? Auto repair text messaging tools let you talk to your customers really fast. The text lets you send updates, cost estimates, ads, bills, and more. This makes it more likely your customers will actually read your messages. 

Further, it helps service advisors and technicians talk quicker, so the techs can stay busy fixing cars. 

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VIN Decoder and Plate Lookup:

Usually, in regular car repair shops, mechanics must write down the vehicle’s VIN and license plate by hand, and sometimes they must be corrected. Auto repair software by Torque360 streamlines this process effortlessly. 

Mechanics no longer need to find their customer vehicles by searching their names; instead, they can swiftly access the vehicle’s details through a VIN decoder or by simply searching the license plate number.

Digital Invoicing:

Using a particular software can really help your service technicians save a lot of time. Let’s face it: writing up an invoice, giving it to someone, waiting for them to sign it, typing it into the computer, and then dealing with payments at the front desk can be a hassle. But with shop management software, those old-fashioned steps are history.

With digital invoicing, you can get your customers to sign repair orders electronically, send the order straight to them by email or text, and keep a digital copy of the invoice in an online storage system that keeps backups automatically all day. 

Moreover, there’s a way for customers to pay using their phones without even touching anything. No more sorting through endless papers or spending ages collecting payments – let the software take care of it all super quickly for you.

Work Order Management:

Automotive shop management software helps you do standard jobs and give out tasks without trouble. Therefore, with the Torque360 auto repair scheduler software, you can make pre-made job lists and assign tasks without trouble. 

You can keep your customers in the loop by sending them messages or emails about how the job is going. And if you need to show them more about other services you suggest and why, you can add pictures or videos too.

What can you derive from employing auto shop management software?

Better Management:

Running an auto repair shop involves handling many things, like repair orders and parts inventory. There are better ways to keep track of all this, using paper and filing cabinets. It’s slow and can be frustrating.

But with good management software, everything gets organized in one spot. It’s super helpful for keeping invoices and vehicle history. 

Picture this: All this info lives in one digital place!

No more hunting through cabinets. Just type in a customer’s name, and bam! You’ve got all their info right there, ready when needed.

Monitoring Your Performance:

Investing in management software has another awesome perk: it helps you see how your auto repair shop is doing. To reach your business goals, you need ways to measure progress.

The top-notch software tracks where you’re doing great and spots areas where you can improve. It gives you numbers on sales, profits, parts orders, and even how productive your service techs are. This software provides you a complete view of your auto repair company.

Enhanced Automation:

Auto repair shops are always buzzing with activity. With management software, you can cut out some boring jobs, freeing up your team to focus on what matters.

Torque360 repair scheduler software handles marketing campaigns and automatically sends service reminders to your customers.

By taking these tasks off your team’s plate, they can concentrate on making customers happy. They’ll have time for important stuff like giving estimates and making the experience awesome for everyone.

Wrapping Up!

The idea is to help service technicians avoid tasks like writing notes and going back and forth to the office. They don’t need to give reports in person anymore. Instead, they can focus on fixing cars.

The solution is Auto repair software by Torque360! If your repair shop has this software, skilled technicians will want to work there because they know how helpful it is. But if you don’t, you might seem old-fashioned, and the best technicians might choose other shops.

Make sure your repair shop stays modern and a better place for technicians to work by using automotive shop software.

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